The Biggest Lie America Believed

This last weekend, my wife and I took our daughters to an art museum.  As we were walking from gallery to gallery, enjoying the art from the past several centuries, my eye caught a particular painting.  At first, I noticed this work because of the peculiar scene of monkeys dressed in human clothing.  Since we have a two year old, the theme of any trip is to “keep it moving,” so I knew that I needed to be careful not to spend too much time studying this picture, but I am glad that I took the time to learn more about the background of this fascinating piece of art.


The painting is called THE DISCOVERY OF ADAM.  The artist, William Holbrook Beard, created this artwork 32 years after the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

This was my favorite painting in the entire museum.  I could have spent quite a while gazing at the details of the ironic picture.  In the few minutes I was able to study it, I noticed the following: Seven monkeys dressed in suits were standing on a beach poking at, observing, discussing and wondering what this turtle-like creature could be on the shore.  As I looked closely at this creature, the shell had the inscription of 2000 000[0?] / B C / Adam.  And in the background of the painting, I saw pterodactyls fighting.

What truth was the artist trying to convey?  I believe he was trying to show us that civilized monkeys of ancient times could no more believe that they descended from such a primitive Adam than logical human beings could accept that human beings evolved from monkeys.

The painting is a brilliant display of rational thinking.  The persuasive power of this painting proves how important art is to every culture and civilization.  Art can often shout the truth of a situation louder than a thousand page book on the same subject.

The rest of the afternoon, my mind continued to shift towards this picture of a strange turtle surrounded by monkeys.  On the long drive back home, I kept picturing this painting and the significance of it in my own life as a believer in a Creator.  I thought about how the acceptance of the idea of random, chaotic evolution has changed our nation’s culture.  As I kept staring ahead into the endless miles of highway, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this lie, called evolution, has changed America’s philosophy in almost every fundamental area over the last century.  This fundamental shift from believing in an “intelligent designer” to a meaningless “big bang” has brought about some of the most horrific justifications any civilization has ever encountered.

Our nation has shifted from living out a “Creator Worldview” to a “Darwinian Worldview” and the change is shocking.  Allow me to present a few examples.

Our nation once believed that all human life is sacred because God made humans in His own image.  This gave humans significance and inherent value from the time they were in their mother’s wombs to the moment they breathed their last breath confined to a hospital bed.  Today, our nation teaches us that life evolved through chance, and is therefore meaningless and purposeless and abortion is an acceptable option since the forming animal inside of you is merely tissue.

Our nation once believed that death was not the end, and that heaven or hell awaited the human soul because the Creator has placed something eternal within each human.  Today, our nation teaches us that this life is all there is; therefore, eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die and will return to the dust and exist no more.

Our nation once believed that the Creator set a standard by which all humans were to live by and that standard was written on each of our hearts.

Today, our nation teaches us that there is no God and therefore no standard by which to live.

This belief system has given us situational ethics where everyone is allowed to make their own decisions based upon their own convictions.  Anyone with the ability to think logically should be horrified at this reality.  Sadly, we are witnessing this take place in many, if not most of our universities.  Students are paying thousands of dollars to be brainwashed into thinking that everyone can believe whatever they want and that it will not affect anyone around them.

Our nation once believed that the Creator, as part of His creation, gave us the gift of marriage between a man and a woman.  Within this union, a family could be born.  Today, our nation teaches us that marriage and family are relative terms and the definition of each can be changed depending on our belief system.  If we have simply evolved over millions of years, then marriage is also something that can and should evolve over time.  This is why many are fighting for marriage to be a thing of the past and for us instead to tap into our animalistic instinct to breed with whomever we want whenever we want.  I am appalled at what is subtly taught about the family unit in many cartoons and consistently have to discuss these godless viewpoints with my children after we watch an episode of a seemingly innocent television show.  The Evil One understands that the foundation of civility rests upon the shoulders of the family unit and if this family unit can be destroyed, then most of the other institutions of this nation will follow suit.

Our nation once believed that the Creator presented humanity (Adam and Eve) with the first set of clothing after sin entered the world and shame entered the human heart in realizing nakedness.  Today, our nation has turned the shame of public nakedness into a billion dollar industry.  The bold acceptance of pornography in our nation proves that humans are simply animals to look at and lust after with no consequences to his or her actions.  But with this acceptance, people are learning false intimacy.  More alarming is the fact that many individuals are solely committed to a computer screen and find their satisfaction through a fake, touched up photo of someone who doesn’t really exist.  This digital depravity can trace it roots to rejecting the idea that God made human beings with dignity.

Our nation once believed that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  This belief was reinforced in the late 1800s when the Statue of Liberty stood for this important aspect of the gospel: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.”  Just read the Bible…the poor is important to God.  But today, there seems to be a great neglect of the poor.  Could it be that many people, including Christians, live out the idea of the survival of the fittest?  How many people have simply blamed the poor for being poor, saying things like, “If they would not be lazy, then they would not be poor.”  It takes a wise and discerning heart to differentiate between “the poor” and “the lazy,” and tragically, our nation is filling up with “the lazy” at an alarming pace.  But this doesn’t mean that our hearts shouldn’t respond to those who are genuinely in need.

Could it be true that the theory of evolution is responsible for the justification of abortion, promotion of existentialism, empowering selfishness, the breakdown of the family, the booming industry of pornography, and the neglect of the poor?  I am not saying that these issues have not been problematic in past civilizations.  But I am saying that our cultural values have changed.  And I believe that the fundamental question that we all must ask is this: is there a God who created all of this stuff, or did I evolve from a monkey?  Depending upon how you answer, I can tell you where you reside upon most of the plagues of our society.

Could it be that the answer to the problems in our society is a belief in God?  But not just any god…the God of the Universe who is named Jesus Christ.  Could it really be this simple?  Until we are ready to face this truth, we will continue to crumble from within.

monkey-axeLately, I have heard from many people that their greatest hope is that everyone in the United States could just come together and be unified in some kind of harmonious agreement.  It appears that the divide in America is getting greater by the day. “Can’t we all just get along?” we plead to each other.   Is it even possible for everyone to just come back together? Is this even what Christians should hope for?  The answer is a resounding “No!”  I would like to present a more divine approach.  We should hope for people to turn to God before we believe that they will ever consider coming together in unity.  Until people see the light of their Creator shining through the darkness into their soul, there is not much hope that they will live out the will of God.

Our only hope is for people to turn their hearts to God.  Two conflicting philosophies will never live in harmony together.  Start praying for people to awaken to the truth so that they realize that they have a loving Creator who made them and has a purpose for them that is greater than what they can even imagine.  This is the hope we can hold onto, and this will be my prayer every time I see our country sinking deeper into division.  Simply stated, our hope is GOD.

The Most Important Trial of the 20th Century

The Most Important Trial of the 20th Century

(for modern day Christians)

A few years ago as we were traveling through Tennessee, I convinced my wife Amy to allow me to drive a little off course to a little town called Dayton. I had been studying about a famous trial that had taken place over eighty years before, and I wanted to walk around this small town to see some of the history come alive.


In 1859, Charles Darwin wrote Origin of Species. This book and the teachings in it shook the Christian world. By the turn of the century, Christians were scrambling to find out how evolution and religion fit together. Some Christian leaders tried their best to help evolutionary theories coincide with what the Bible taught. On the other hand, many Christian leaders simply spoke out against evolution and taught that faith was based on what the revealed Word of God said, not science. Many Christian leaders concluded that if science seems to contradict the Bible, then science must be wrong because the Bible is infallible.

The world came to a cross roads and it appeared that the two theories would not exist simultaneously. Darwinism was ready to take center stage. Darwinism was shouting to creationism: “Your act is over creationism.  You have lasted for centuries, but now it is my turn to shine.” Darwinism received its chance to shine in the summer of 1925.

Darwinism and creationism came to a climatic showdown in the form of one of the most publicized trials in United States history. The trial took place in Dayton, Tennessee from July 10-21 in the year 1925. Public school teacher John Scopes was accused of teaching evolution, which was illegal in the state of Tennessee. Scopes was defended by the ACLU’s Clarence Darrow, a master debater. William Jennings Bryan, a Populist Democrat and former Secretary of State to President Wilson, was the prosecuting attorney.


As I walked into the courtroom on that hot July day a few years ago, I could picture the excitement surrounding the trial. I stood where the lawyers presented their closing arguments. I sat down where the jury would have been seated. In the emptiness of the courtroom, I could envision the crowd waving their fans to keep cool. A thought kept coming to mind: “It was possibly the trial of the century for Christian thought, and almost no Christians know anything about it today.”


I walked around down town (which was only a few blocks), and I tried to have a few conversations with the local folk, but I was amazed at how little even they knew about the trial and all those involved. Maybe that is just the way it is with people. They forget history so quickly and the important lessons these events teach us.


John Scopes, who was merely a substitute teacher and a pawn in the hand of the ACLU, lost the trial and was fined $100. But the creation-believing Christians received a major black eye from the trial. The press depicted Christians as those who were backward, ignorant and certainly not enlightened.


As I was driving away from Dayton, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and what it represented to my faith. It saddened me that Christians were viewed in this manner. Not much has changed, I thought to myself.


After I got home from our trip, I continued to research the trial and the aftermath of it. I came across this fascinating decision by Baptist Pastor William Bell Riley to try and take back every public school system in the United States only months after the Monkey Trial in Tennessee:

Every state in the union will be organized within twelve months to aid in a national campaign for a national law similar to the Tennessee anti-evolution law, Dr. W.B. Riley of Minneapolis, executive secretary of the World’s Christian Fundamentalist Association, declared on arrival here today (Logansport Pharos-Tribune, December 9, 1925, 9).

Riley was not successful in making Tennessee’s anti-evolution law nationally enforced, but his determination to fight against Darwinism no matter what the cost shows us that this man had deep convictions.

You might be thinking, Why would you want “creation” taught in public schools? Shouldn’t there be a separation of church and state? But you have to understand that everyone one and every organization has a religion. A religion is a belief system. Therefore, schools cannot be religion neutral. When the “God-based” belief system of the public schools was removed, a different religion took its place. This religion is secular humanism. The United States public school system has traded in the religion of Christianity for the religion of secularism (a disbelief of God and His purpose).

For several months, I was consumed with this trial. I bought and read several books written about the trial. I watched a couple movies based on the trial. I even started reading old newspaper clippings of the trial. I found out that the anti-evolution law in Tennessee was not repealed until 1967. Tennessee was still hanging onto a law that Christians held dear forty-two years after the Scope’s Monkey Trial. Should this teach us something about what public opinion really was back then? Could it be that the media painted a picture that was not entirely true? Could it be that the media has helped to popularize evolutionary theory more than by any other means? On February 17, 1939, The Hammond Times reported:

A bill to repeal Tennessee’s “Monkey Law” was stuffed into a pigeon hole to be forgotten today following its defeat in the state house of representatives. The law, which forbids the teaching of evolution in the schools and has been the subject of controversy for years, precipitated the famed Scopes Trial at Dayton Tennessee in 1925. The late Clarence Darrow unsuccessfully defended the young teacher as William Jennings Bryan acted as special prosecutor on the side of fundamentalism (The Hammond Times, February 17, 1939, 1).

Fourteen years after the trial, it was still clear that Tennessee’s state house of representatives knew that evolution was not simply a theory, but another religion that was not to be tolerated in their school system. This stubbornness to let go of the “Monkey Law” shows us that many Christians were still fighting hard in the state of Tennessee for the right to teach their belief system in school.

Much has changed in the last 90 years (1925 to 2015). It seems that so many of those in academia hold the power to make the public believe that evolution has won. Harvard’s evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr once said that “no educated person any longer questions the validity of the so-called theory of evolution, which we now know to be a simple fact.”

This is why Christians in the 1920s fought so hard to stop Darwinism. It was almost as if they were prophets. They could see the future before them if evolutionary theory won the day. What are the effects of Darwinism? Darwinism is a universal acid that “eats through just about every traditional concept and leaves in its wake a revolutionized worldview” (Signs of Intelligence, Dembski, 34).


Christians from yesteryear could not see what specific sins Darwinism would make acceptable in our culture, but they still sounded the trumpet of alarm, warning everyone of the destructive acid evolutionary theory brings to any civilization. Could it be that Darwinism is the foundation of some of today’s greatest sins? I realize that most of these sins have been around for millennia, but we must all ask if the belief in evolution heightened the impact of some of these sins in our culture today?

Racism (some humans have not evolved as much as others; just read Darwin’s writings).

Abortion (life is not sacred because no one is made in the image of God).

Neglect the poor (survival of the fittest teaches us that the poor should fend for themselves).

Homosexuality (marriage between a man and woman was not set up by God).

Situational ethics (the end justifies the means because there is no God to set a standard).

Pornography (nakedness is not shameful).

I am writing this article in a school building. The school building is located in a church. This school is a Christian school. Creationism is taught here. This is our religion. And I am thankful for the freedom I have to send my child to a school that will not just teach about evolutionary theory, but will also be open-minded and teach other ideas as well.

During my junior year in high school, I was scolded by a substitute teacher as I tried to explain my belief in an intelligent designer. He told me to shut up and then explained that evolution is fact and there shouldn’t be any discussion. At seventeen I was shocked and discouraged. Today, I am thankful for that experience because it taught me that everyone has a religion. Everyone has a belief system. Just admit it…go ahead and admit it substitute teacher!