Now That the Presents are Open

Now that the presents are open,
The children can stop their hopin’
For gifts that were never bought,
And therefore could not be brought
To outreached hands of longing,
To finally become their belongings.
The day had just begun,
And boy was it sure fun.
Children were laughing,
Parents were smiling,
All for the joy of the moment,
But it stopped with a startling comment.
“Is that all the presents?” Inquired a sweet little voice,
Mom and Dad knew they had no choice.
But to try and change the subject,
To something she wouldn’t expect.
And make her forget her plight,
So that once again she would be polite.
But once again in a less kinder voice, “Is that all the presents?”
Mom and Dad didn’t know their princess could offer such character repellents.   
Selfishness and greediness to name a few,
But where did she develop that worldview?
Parental eyes glancing at each other,
With Dad no less than blaming the mother.
In the midst of the finger pointing,
Deciding which parent produced in her what was most disappointing
A screech more deafening than the house had ever heard
Rang out louder than a stampeding buffalo herd.
“I want more presents,” shouted the princess turned monster,
For she had surely morphed into a violent protestor.
Running around looking in drawers, over counters, and under beds,
Mom and Dad started thinking she needed some meds.
Dad finally caught her as she was racing by,
And out of her mouth cried, “I hate you,” oh my!
Mom started weeping yelling, “What have we created?”
And Dad consoled her saying, “But it’s not like it was premeditated.”
The damage was done as all of them could see,
A gift tyrant they had created out of their sweet little pea.
“Next year no gifts for anyone!” Mom threatened with rage
“Don’t be so extreme, honey, she’s merely going through a stage.”
But stages develop character and character is who we are
Like learning to keep your hands out of the cookie jar.
 Nothing more to be said because all were sad,
Because in reality everyone wanted to be glad.
Parents watching their children play with their new toys
Children looking into their boxes for brand new joys.
But not today, too much was at stake,
A child in their house knew only the word, “Take.”
But through the confusion and frustration of the morning,
Came a shock to Mom, Dad, and princess that was a warning.
The three had forgotten that someone else in the house existed,
And to their surprise Mom and Dad’s other one insisted
That they all look at what was in his small two year old hand
What was it they thought, was it a lamb, or a crayon, or possibly a miniature military man?
Before they could yell out what it might be,
Their two year old son, whispered, “Baby.”
Not just any baby as they could see,
But he had picked up Baby Jesus who had been in the nativity under the tree.
The true meaning of Christmas had been forgotten before that,
Almost as if it had been brushed under their welcome mat.
 “Changes must be made,” said Daddy as tears rolled down his cheek,
For in that “Baby” he saw the powerful teaching from the weak.
“We’ll have presents every Christmas Day,
But we will never forget where the “Baby” must stay.
Before we begin to open our gifts with delight,
We will talk about how in the darkness came the light.”
Don’t ever forget where the “Baby” must stay,
Otherwise you might as well not celebrate Christmas Day.

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