A Prayer for Our Schools

Heavenly Father, I come before you today with a heavy heart.  I wonder what You think when You see thousands of students across the United States gather around a flag pole to pray to You.  Are you happy with them?  Does your heart well up with joy because you see so many people gather in Your name?  Do You get excited because You see these students shining brightly for their school?  I wish I could read Your mind, Lord.

I wonder sometimes what You are feeling when Your people gather to pray.  Does Your heart ever break when You hear so many words flow out of the mouths of students who don’t really even know You?  Students who don’t make a difference where they go to school?  Students who are more interested in “fitting in” than “fighting the good fight?”  God, You can look into everyone’s heart.  You know why they are at the pole.  You know whether or not their prayers are genuine.  You know if they are living for You.  You know.

So…I am asking for these things right now for our schools.  I know that these things are what You want.  In your Bible, You make it clear that there are certain things that You desire us to learn.  You make it clear that there are certain things that You desire us to do.  I request these things knowing that it is Your will.  I do not know the timing of the completion of Your will, but I know that “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Almighty Lord, bring truth back into our schools.  Give the teachers freedom to train their students what is correct.  May science be presented with the presupposition that there was an intelligent designer.  God, you must laugh at the idea of evolution.  You hear many call it fact, but You (and Charles Darwin now that he is in eternity) see it as a lie from Satan.  Allow science to point people towards a supernatural creator of this earth.  May history be taught in such a way that students realize that it is really “HIS-STORY.”  Open up the eyes of students so that they can witness God’s story unfold in an interesting and accurate way.  God, when the students are taught math, allow them to see the order in all things, how universal organization was created by someone.  God, as the students learn correct grammar and learn other languages like French, Spanish and German, help them see how unique humanity is, and that we were created to communicate relationally because we were made in Your image.  God, bring truth back into our schools.  Take the confusion out of the schools.  Let every student know what is right and what is wrong, and may they each follow what is right.

Almighty Lord, protect the Administrators as they lead each school.  God, you know that there are many godly leaders in the public school system.  Fill their minds with new ideas that can be implemented in a practical way.  Let these new ideas bring safety to our schools.  Let these new ideas bring respect back to our schools.  God, give the Administrators the authority they need to change the environment our students are in.

Almighty Lord, energize the teachers to be great role models. God, you know that many students have terrible role models in their life.  Allow the teachers to realize this “deeper calling” in their life.  Give each teacher a passion for the students they teach.  Let them not just be “givers of information,” but let them transform the next generation in a positive way.  God, connect the female teachers with female students who need the influence of a godly mother.  God, connect the male teachers with male students who need the influence of a godly father.  May spiritual fathers and mothers fill the hallways of our schools.

Almighty Lord, instill parents with the courage to do what is right for their children.  God, we ask for a multitude of parents who are willing to confront the evil that is now in their schools.  Convict them to do what is best for their children, not just what is best for their pocketbook. Wake the parents up, Oh Lord!  They have slumbered for too long.  They have been preoccupied with their own careers for too long.  They have been too afraid to speak up for too long.  They have been too distant from the reality of what is being taught for too long.  Allow them to see that things are different in schools today.  God, help every parent think deeply about who they are willing to teach their child for eight hours a day.  Rise up godly parents to sit on public school boards so that wise decisions will be made for their children’s future.  If things don’t change in their school, give them the courage to homeschool their children.  Give them the courage to send their children to a Christian school.  Give them courage, Lord.

Almighty Lord, convict believing students to stand firm in their faith.  Give students the discipline to live out their faith each of the 180+ days of school a year, not just a few minutes once a year around a flag pole.  Help our students understand that we are a light in a dark place.  Help our students hold the truth of the gospel up high for all to see every single day in our schools, even if that means that they will be ridiculed, singled out, and ostracized.  Give students the motivation to desire integrity and doing the right thing instead of increasing their level of popularity.  Rise up Your young people, Oh Lord!  Give Your students a passion to proclaim your name to anyone at anytime no matter what the consequences.  And let them be filled with love as they tell others about YOU!

 Almighty Lord, help our families stay together.  God, I feel in my heart that this is the core problem. Families are fragmenting.  They are not staying together.  Our students don’t show respect to our teachers and bus drivers because they are not taught respect at home.  God, for students who don’t have much of a family, may they find a family within their church.  God, help the church to reach out to these students.  My heart cries out to You, Oh Lord, so that administrators, teachers, pastors and parents will rise up and train our students the fundamental virtues of humanity: respect, loyalty, determination, excellence and integrity.

 As I close out my prayer to You, Oh Lord, my mind tells me that it is too late.  Things will not change.  It will only get worse.  But my heart believes.  For You, Oh Lord, are the God where nothing is impossible, and I am comforted in knowing that You will answer my cry to You.


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